For a long time, I avoided garlic like the plague. I avoided it because I was petrified my breath would smell, people would hate me, and I’d spend forever alone because of that fact.

That may sound like a wildly spiralling chain of events beginning with an aversion to garlic and ending with ostracism, but I cannot help but remain scarred by a moment long ago, sitting in a university lecture, smelling of garlic. I had worked late at my bar job and I was hungry when I got home, having not had any dinner. The only thing in my…

“Dan’s been eating a lot of fried eggs recently,” says my girlfriend to my Dad, who we have on video call, who is holding the phone too close to his face.

“He never used to like eggs,” he says.

“He had four this morning.”

“He does that. Finds something new and become obsessed with it.”

“I am here, you know?”

But my Dad is largely right, I never used to like eggs. He’s right that when I find something new and interesting, I become obsessed with it. …

Fear and Loathing in Friern Barnet

Adventures in life and London

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